NABA Field Trips in South Florida

anne kilmer viceroy at
Mon May 22 01:22:18 EDT 2000

I agree absolutely. 
I don't think it's childish malice, however, so much as ignorant
sentimentality that would cause the destruction of these traps. 
There are still a lot of butterfly enjoyers who are not enlightened as
to the usefulness of collectors to the study of leps and even to the
continuing existence of endangered species. 
I think, tired as we all are of the collecting debate, that it does
introduce newcomers to the world of scientists. "Poets" don't always see
the big picture, but, with patience, they can be persuaded to accept it. 
As this was presumably a supervised field trip, I wonder why the leaders
didn't defend the traps and explain their purpose. 
Instead of demanding the resignation of the vandals, I'd like to see
them educated. An article in the NABA magazine, explaining Leroy's
project and purpose, accompanied by their response and apology, would
better satisfy my sense of justice. 
Anne Kilmer
South Florida and Mayo, Ireland
Hank & Priscilla Brodkin wrote:
> Leptraps at wrote:
> >
> > I have never directly attacked NABA nor it's members, I was once a member
> > myself. I have gladly provided information to a member organizing the field
> > trips. This information is the result of hours of field work collecting and
> > observing Lepidoptera.
> > I received several telephone calls Sunday evening informing me that during
> > one of the field trips to an area near Port Mayaca in Martin County, a
> > location that I provided, NABA members found several of my bait traps, one of
> > which they destroyed and others were taken.
> >
>   (portion deleted)
> Leroy -
> We know this may be wearing thin - but believe me, only a small minority
> of NABA members - whose "I know better" attitudes are fanned by those
> who should know better - would be involved in this type of really stupid
> and probably illegal action.  I will plead here that the NABA leadership
> and board of directors condemn this action, publicly apologize to Leroy,
> and ask those responsible to resign from the organization.
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