Butterfly Page with Translator!

ciprit ciprit at snip.net
Mon May 22 13:52:03 EDT 2000

I took a second look at your page in Spanish.  "Butterflies found" is
translated into Spanish as "butterflies they found."  Try using "butterflies
one finds."  Also, you need to punctuate "...Photo of the Week it's
updated...."  Try "...Photo of the Week.  It is updated..."  Otherwise, that
phrase is totally unreadable in Spanish.

ciprit wrote:

> Randy,
> For some reason, "I'm" is not translating to Spanish.  Try "I am."  Also,
> "check it out" seems to be too idiomatic to translate very well.  As for
> the butterfly names on your site, they may be translating correctly, but
> you may want a Spanish-speaking lepidopterist to look at your page.  Other
> than those comments, the translation looked good enough to get the gist, or
> better, in Spanish.  I'd be happy to look at your site in Spanish again, if
> you make any changes.
> Christina
> Randy Emmitt wrote:
> > Folks,
> >
> > I spent all morning working on converting my page "Butterflies Found in
> > North Carolina" to a simpler format so the Babel Fish translator would
> > read it. Now hopefully the site can be read in French, German, Italian,
> > Portuguese and Spanish without to much trouble. Doing so also cut the
> > page size from 51kb to 16kb which should make it faster for those with
> > slower modems. And now the entire list can be copied and pasted to make
> > a state list as well if you visit here.
> >
> > Please if you will give me some input on how well the translator reads?
> >
> > Randy Emmitt
> > Rougemont, NC
> > http://www.rlephoto.com

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