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Dear colleagues, 
We want to announce some results of our research in the field of
biotechnology. The bioreactor of new generation working by a principle
"controlled tornado" is developed, licensed (PCT/RU98/00296 from
22.09.98) and manufactured by our research team. Bioreactor of a new
generation is designed for suspension culture of easily  destroyed cells
and aerobic bacteria.  Stirring is performed by creating in liquid
medium a three-dimensional motion similar  to  a rotating   vortex  
ring   (a  quasi-stationary  flow  with  an  axial countercurrent flow)
          The aerating  vortex  which  rotates  the  flow  is formed
with a centrifugal activator mounted above the suspension level. 
As a result, the bioreactor of a new type:
ž executes the gentlest and efficient mixing not  accompanied  by
foaming, water hammers, cavitation, high-turbulent and stagnant zones;;
provides a 3-6 times higher mass exchange rate by oxigen, than
bioreactors with the mechanical stirrer, the transfer rate is
commensurable with airlift reactors;
ž functions with unchanged characteristics at 10-90% filling;
ž provides two operation modes with different  hydrodynamics  and can be
reset from one mode to another during the cultivation process;
ž forms zones with intensive cell concentrations.

All these peculiar properties make it possible:
ž to culture cells which  are  poorly  reproduced  in  well-known types
of bioreactors;
ž if necessary,  to carry out adaptation of cells in shaker  mode
followed by passing on to intensive mixing mode;
ž to obtain a more concentrated product by pouring it  in  mixing mode
from the zone of intensive cell concentration;
ž to execute continuous cultivation with partial  replacement  of
culture medium;
ž to reduce by 10-20 times the inoculative dose and the amount of
nutrient medium filling the vessel,  and accordingly,  to minimize the
losses in case of germination at the initial cultivation stage;
ž as the number of cells increases, to provide a constant initial
concentration of cells by adding the medium,  and to execute the final
cultivation with a full bioreactor;
ž to use a large one-type bioreactor with  a  volume  related  to that
of the small one as 1:10,  thus removing intermediate bioreactors from
the production line.

All the  above  advantages  and  capabilities  of  the  new  type
bioreactor result from the following:
ž a  mechanical  agitator,  being the main reason of undesireable
disturbances and stress, has been removed from the liquid medium;
ž the  speed of the airflow,  relative to the suspension surface, is
increased by 8-12 times;
ž the bioreactor hydrodynamics,  practically,  does not depend on the
liquid level; the bioreactor is easy to scale-up;
ž aerating gas vortex reduces foaming rather than  causes it;
ž under certain conditions,  the liquid medium enters the mode of
self-excited oscillations;
ž on-bottom streams,  directed to the center of  the  bioreactor, form
a  rotating  up-going  flow  in  which the centrifugal forces and the
forces  of  viscous  resistance  of  the  medium  are  placed   in
equilibrium  and  create  a confinement zone for particles (cells on a
        At the moment bioreactors of a new type of capacity 3lt-5lt have been
tested. At cultivation of different phylums of cells and microorganisms:
BHK - 21, Mamestra brassicae IZD MB - 0503,  Marine myeloma Sp2/0 -
Ag14, Hyman lymphocytes   MT - 4, Aspergillus awamoru and others are
received good results confirming wide universality of the bioreactor
"BIOK", which allows to cultivate both unpretentious and easily
traumatized cells, thus the time of cultivation is reduced significantly
(for example for Aspergillus awamoru in 4 times) and the amount of
living cells is enlarged
Within the framework of the program "Production of drugs on a basis of
human recombinant angiogenin" using the 5 liter capacity bioreactor of a
new type,  pure plasmid DNA with an insertion of gene of human
recombinant angiogenin is being produced. Up to 18 mg of pure plasmid
DNA with an insertion of human recombinant angiogenin are obtained at
one cultivation . (the Information will be published in "Biotechnology"
Russia journal ¹ 3 for 2000). Applying of "Biok" bioreactors opens wide
opportunities for preparation production of recombinant plasmids, which
create built-in human and mammalian genes     
It is necessary to say few words about opportunities of application of
the bioreactor in biotechnological industry.
 At present moment we prepare for test of the bioreactor up to 630L.
Applying the bioreactor gives significant benefits and makes biological
production 5-7 times cheaper.   
1) Appreciable reduction (in times) amount of bioreactors in a
technological chain because of reduction of an amount large expensive
2) Opportunity to work in a continuous regimen;
3) saving the equipment, expenditures (space, electric power and water
supplies,  detergents,  wages,  etc);
4) Decrease of losses at cultivation of microorganisms;
5) Increase in biomass production.
Use of bioreactors of a new type in industrial biotechnological
effecting - one of perspective directions of biotechnology promising
huge economic benefit
        We offer the following:
1) Creating new industrial technologies for cultivation of different
types of cells and microorganisms;
2) studying effect of human recombinant angiogenin on processes of a
3) studying of influence of variable fields of mass force framed by a
vortex flow on process of cultivation of cells and microorganisms

Prof. Mertvetsov
Dr. Ramazanov 

phone/fax +7 (3832) 333369, 332601                               
arnika at online.sinor.ru  


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