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Garden Habitat Network hopes to have a Web site up soon that deals with the
habitat issues of managed landscapes, and the article, or a popularized version
of it, sounds like an appropriate one for us -- we would certainly consider
posting it on our Web site!

Jeffrey A. Caldwell
Garden Habitat Network

"Kondla, Norbert FOR:EX" wrote:

> Great idea !! Can anyone volunteer to post the article, and any others on
> this topic, on a web site for wider access ??  Even the best science will
> have little impact on society if the results are only available in journals
> that are housed in university libraries in big cities.  Business and
> societal decision-makers mostly do not read such material.
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> If the original article can be faxed (or scanned and forwarded
> electronically) we have the opportunity to write OP-ED or letters to
> editor pieces for local newspapers.  For timing (in the north) I suggest
> spring when people are beginning to start their gardening and outdoor
> thinking and zapper buying.
> It would be really nice to have a series of quantitative studies to show
> that they are worse than useless.
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