It is "Gillette's Checkerspot"

Ernest Williams ewilliam at
Mon Nov 6 11:57:56 EST 2000

I stated this before:  the original description of the species (Barnes,
1897, Canad. Ent. 29:39) does _not_ mention who Barnes was honoring.  There
is no evidence that I know of or that anyone else has mentioned that
answers this question.  There are only possibilities and assumptions.

>> Does the O.D. state for whom the species was named?

Now we have two possibilities: Clarence P. Gillette (with the spelling
Gillett being a misprint?) and Jessie D. Gillett.  I would like to know
(this is a bug I do a fair amount of work with), but it will take written
evidence from Barnes to figure this out.

Now, a plea.  Much of the commentary on this topic has been useful and
informative.  E.g. (pun intended), it had never occurred to me that the
name might honor someone who spelled Gillette without a final "e".  There
have also been interesting comments on the code and its interpretation.
However, some of the commentary has derided those with an opinion differing
from that of the writer.

Please remember:
There are always other opinions and reasons for them.
The readers of a list like this are very diverse in background and interests.
Short postings can communicate well, while long ones can't (long messages
are better targeted to specific individuals, not an entire list).



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