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--- "Robert W. Longair" <longair at ucalgary.ca> wrote:
> I may not disagree with the conclusions concerning
> the name of the
> checkerspot, but I have to take issue with comments
> concerning C.P.
> Gillette. To describe C.P. Gillette as a Colorado
> aphid specialist would
> be like describing E.H. Strickland as an Edmonton
> wasp or fly
> specialist. Both these individuals (and I confess to
> being only slightly
> familiar with the history of either) were
> entomologists with broad
> interests, like many of their time. I don't find it
> surprising at all
> that Gillette's name might have come up in
> conjunction with specimens
> collected in Yellowstone - it sounds like Wyoming
> and Colorado are half
> a continent apart, unlike Illinois and Wyoming, of
> course!
> How about a little background on Gillette? From
> Howard Evans' "The
> Pleasures of Entomology":
> "For a moment, it is worth digressing to say a word
> about Gillette, who
> did so much to increase knowledge of the then
> little-known insect fauna
> of the Rocky Mountains. He was born and educated in
> Michigan, but in
> 1891 was given an opportunity to take charge of the
> new Dept. of Zoology


Let's find out more about the good lady.  It has been
a good thread.  A much needed review if latinizing


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