Paul Cherubini cherubini at
Tue Nov 7 07:01:07 EST 2000


>  Clearly, the limit *has* been reached in many extensively
> developed areas, as Chris Durden pointed out.  I many urban areas
> where significant land has been cleared, where vehicular traffic is
> heavy, and, yes, where bug zappers have been in use for a long
> period of time, moth and other insect numbers and diversity are
> obviously way down from where they used to be.

If bug zappers could truly kill significant numbers of moths, how come
no one uses them in the home fruit and vegetable garden to control
common moth pests? 

How come they do no good in commercial greenhouses against
moth and other insect pests?

How come even indoors, bug zappers cannot control any pest moth like the
indian meal moth? 

I think we may be dealing with alot of fanciful imagining.

Paul Cherubini


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