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> From P.A.I.N.
>     PAIN is a little know for-profit organization. PAIN stands for Protect
> All Insects Now. We are radically devoted to the protection of all
> insects -- especially those which are the most misunderstood and thus
> persecuted most by humans. Disease carrying ticks, flies, mosquitoes,
> roaches etc. are beloved beings to PAIN. We feel their pain. In fact,
> mosquitoes are the most beloved insect beings to our members.
>     We can no longer be silent listening to these outrageous bug-zapper
> posts on this site. Listen to yourselves. You are saying that if zappers
> only committed genocide on mosquitoes and biting flies and not your
> pretty moths, they would be fine. (This is the same prejudice that keeps
> full figured babes like myself (I weigh 465 pounds) out of beauty
> Not only is beauty in the eye of the beholder, so is prejudice and
> This is like Hitler singling out one human (insect) group for death.
>     Mosquito's too are to be watched not murdered. When our members go to
> the tropics we would not think of putting mosquito netting over our beds
> deprive these wondrous beings from feeding. Yes, it is true that after one
> of our two week field trips to the swamps and Jungles about a third of our
> members died of disease from mosquito, fly, and tick bites. But we are
> environmentalists, not hypocrites. We know that we are to the mosquito
> the flower and leaf are to the butterfly and its babies -- food. Our
> have often reported seeing butterfly watchers mutilate poor mosquitoes in
> the process of feeding on their arms, necks, and foreheads. Shame, shame,
> shame!!! Listen, once the blood has entered into the mosquito it is no
> longer you -- it is the mosquito. A mosquito has the same rights over its
> body and its contents as a pregnant human.
>     It is also true that our members, in encountering butterfly watchers
> the field who are wearing mosquito repellent (of any kind), douse them
> buckets of water in protest to their harmful action towards our PAIN
> friends. These watchers would not think of mentally stressing, teasing,
> tormenting butterflies by putting netting over flowers. Mother mosquitoes
> need your blood! How can you correctly see a female Monarch as a mother
> her worms.. ugh, larva,,, I mean caterpillars as her little ones and not
> the same for malaria carrying mosquitoes. We have been saying for decades
> that the # 1 problem on this planet is the human destruction of the
> environment which is a direct result of human overpopulation. So let the
> little ladies do their job -- thin out the human herd.
>      Further, we can not understand why various NABA members have reported
> some of our most faithful followers to wildlife officials for killing
> Those nasty crapping-on-the-car bug killers are one of our beloved insects
> main enemies. Birds kill far more butterflies than any zapper or human
> collector. We simply hold that (by far) the greatest threat to insects are
> birds.
>     Lastly, It has often been said that when every thing else on this
> is extinct the noble roach will be the only creature left. We at PAIN hold
> this as a sacred truth. This is why we believe that insects not mammals
> (inc. humans), birds, or reptiles are the crowing glory of evolution. All
> other forms will pass away but insects will never pass away.
>     No pain, no gain. So please, feel their pain and join PAIN today. Our
> motto is: Put humans (the creeps) in the crapper, return the planet to the
> creeping things.
>     Your non-deductible donation may be mailed to the author of this plea,
> Ron Gatrelle. (Disclaimer: Ron is not responsible for anything including
> contents of this letter, as he wrote it while under treatment for *yellow*
> fever.)


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