Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at
Wed Nov 8 23:05:06 EST 2000

    In light of the recent posts on insect communication, Ken Philip (in a
private e-M) has just inspired me to try and communicate with insects. I
will place a tiny bug communication sign on the door to my collection that
translates as follows.

                                    Enter at your own risk
                                Trespassers may be gassed.

    There are many unique and wonderful ways in which organisms
"communicate." Almost without fail, their messages are understood to those
to whom they are sent. It is truly sad that as advanced as we humans are in
our communicative devices and abilities that we have so little understanding
of each other. So when you do your documentary be sure and point to all the
wars and injustices as evidence that humans win the prize as the worst
communicators on the planet. One of the most profound things I have ever
heard is this:

        The problem with communication is that people think it occurred.


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