Moth ID

Ron Gatrelle rgatrelle at
Thu Nov 9 00:11:56 EST 2000

    A few days ago I found a fresh Schinia on a species of late blooming
Aster in our butterfly garden. Since I do virtually nothing with moths, can
someone help me out on some possibilities. It is a very dark species. The HW
is solid back. FW three toned (mostly dark) brown. I hope that there are not
too many November flying Schinia so as to make this easier. It was sitting
on a brown (perfect match) going to seed flower head. Searched over the next
few days but found no others. I do not own a zapper so can't look there. I
collect these when ever I find them but have little idea what most of my
taxa are. Guess it's a collect now ask questions later thing. I found a
fresh A. cingulata (Pink-Spotted Hawk Moth) on the brick wall of the house
on Nov. 4th.


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