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Very important issue - to me, maybe not to others.  Assuming that what you
are doing is within the laws of your land then I commend you for wanting to
make information available to a wide audience and suggest you continue to do
so.  If the publisher has no intent to reprint at a reasonable price in the
near future and posting the plates is a legal no-no in your country then
maybe this could be circumvented by hosting the images on a server outside
your country.  The world needs more sharing of information - people who
hoard old literature and do not share the knowledge at their fingertips
should be shot on sight, or at least severely chastised since this is
probably more socially acceptable :-)

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Hello All,

In the UK we have a big problem with identification material for the send
of the Tortricidae.

The first half of the group was well covered in a publication by the Ray
Society - British Tortricoid Moths Vol I. This book is available at 'normal'

The second half of the group appeared in Ray Society .....Vol II.

This book is elusive. It was published, 1977, in far few numbers than Vol I.
is now a collectors item. It remains the only identification reference to
group of British moths. It does come onto the market but at a price way
the pocket of most active entomologists. Most copies are owned by book

I gained access to a copy and thought that it may help if I established a
site and made these plates available to all. If this information is not
available then it is not possible to identify this group unless you have
a copy of the origional book or a collection.

Unfortunately the Ray Society - the publishers of the origional book - are
concerned about this and have asked me to remove the links to the site. This
have done.

Should I persist in this venture? I will not make money out of it, indeed,
will cost me both cash and a very great deal of time and effort to establish
the site.

I hope to present a formal proposal to the Ray Society regarding the
publication of this out of print book.

I would be very grateful if you would email me your thoughts on the issue.
Should 'out of print' books and images' be available on the Internet or
the information be limited to the select few that can buy, or have access
through a libraryto, important but inaccessable works.

Your thoughts will be very much appreciated - pro or con. I will present
feelings to the Ray Society as they are presented to me. I will not ask for
local recount.

This could be an important priciple to establish - one way or the other.

Rather than clog up the group you can email me direct at :

alan5319 at

Please respond


Alan & Jeri Coates 


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