Monarch extinction

Ron Gatrelle rgatrelle at
Sat Nov 11 13:35:48 EST 2000

The following are fair questions. Are monarchs capable of hibernation in
both cold and warm areas? If all the monarch overwintering sites in Mexico
and Calif. were to be wiped out would D. plexippus become extinct? If the
answer is yes, how can this be when there are non migratrory populations?
Did the sedentary or migratory phase of monarch evolve first? Doesn't the
phrase *by the action of man not nature* infer that man is not a part of
nature? If so, how can that be? Which has effected the environment most,
humans or continental shift? Humans  or ice ages? Humans or meteors? Humans
or volcanic action? What role did Humans have in the extinction of
dinosaurs? If none, then who is to blame? Would we want T-Rex and his
friends romaning free today? Are some life forms totally incompatavle with
others? If so, does evolution segregate these forms -- perhaps even to
different planets?

Should humans work on behalf of environmental health? I say yes. Should
humans try to preserve a kind of evolutionaty halt by maintaining all
species in a type of stauts quo? I say no. Where exactly is the balanced and
reasonalbe position on todays environmental issues?


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