Monarch extinction and conservatism

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Sun Nov 12 18:00:09 EST 2000

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> >Sometimes taking measures to prevent or at least reduce a disaster means
> >learning later that we did more than we had to, but as spacecraft and bridge
> >designers can tell you, that's better than doing too little.
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> >Woody
> I would echo this sentiment by arguing that being environmentally 
> conservative (i.e. take action now rather than risking the loss or 
> consequences) is the same as being fiscally or economically conservative. 
> Viewed this way, political conservatives should also often be at the 
> forefront of environmental conservation efforts.
> John Grehan
It doesn't seem that way does it? 
Well, part of the problem is I suspect that USA citizens have a different
political perspective. Politics isn't, as many claim, divided into left
and right but when account is taken of the extremes is actually a circle.
Having only two parties of any size means that they have to span entire
parts of the circle. It just seems that you divide the circle in a different

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