Monarch extinction and conservatism

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at
Sun Nov 12 19:35:08 EST 2000

I agree with John and it's often hard for me to understand why 
conservatives aren't conservationists.  Perhaps its because they face 
conflicting pressures.  The problem I see is that it's a one way street, 
kind of like a chemical reaction.  Some chemical reactions are in 
equilibrium, but if a gas is evolved or a precipitate formed, they 
become a one way street. 

Once a natural habitat is lost to development or pavement, it doesn't go 
back to natural habitats even if the conservation philosophy changes. 

It's much easier to undo something than to replace it. Kind of like a 
delicate piece of machinery----much easier to break than to make. 

M. Gochfeld


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