aerial spraying is "DEVASTATING to non-target species

Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Tue Nov 14 09:55:48 EST 2000

Let me add that a larvacide (Mosquito-flavored Bt) that kills all
aquatic diptera is not an improvement. 
My butterfly gardeners in Palm Beach County complained that when the
mosquito sprayers went by, their butterflies died. Quite a few of them
were rearing butterflies in porches etc., and those died too. 
The dragonflies, our fist line of defense against mosquitoes, also died
and it takes a year or two to produce a new crop of dragonflies.
As for the virus, obviously it had already spread up and down the coast
long before the doctors started identifying cases. 
Mike's article impressed me as well-researched, well-reasoned and
Anne Kilmer
South Florida
Michael Gochfeld wrote:
> In case I was unclear or hesitant, or in case anyone thinks that I was
> quoted out of context, let me be unswervingly clear with only a slight
> modification:
> aerial spraying of the insecticides is devastating to non-target
> species.
> When someone comes up with a mosquito-specific insecticide and cares to
> actually test it for efficacy on the one hand and specificity on the
> other, I would be willing to modify this view.
> I would add a corollary to this: if it doesn't kill non-target species,
> how can you have confidence that it is killing the target species,
> unless you launch an adequate field study?
> Mike Gochfeld
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