[LEPS-L:7862] Re: [SoWestLep] Mexico expands monarch butterfly habitat

Roger Kuhlman rkuhlman at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 14 12:17:44 EST 2000

>Patrick Foley wrote:
> > You seriously want to claim that aerial spraying kills only the target 
> > Let's not argue about the obvious.
>Professor Gochfeld said the aerial spraying is "DEVASTATING to
>butterflies and other non-target species" That's a very strong and
>frightening statment to make to the general public.

I am personally sick of those people who continually take quotations out of 
context and seek other ways to advance their agenda that the chemical and 
insecticide industries have always or nearly always had no major negative 
impacts on the environment and instead are invariably very beneficial to the 
American public.

Roger Kuhlman
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