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Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at tils-ttr.org
Thu Nov 16 12:45:08 EST 2000

    The International Lepidoptera Survey web site ( www.tils-ttr.org ) is slowly coming around. The web master is not a Leps person so there are some technical glitches. I emailed him last night to change a couple of incorrect captions on some of the specimens figured. For example, the Anthocharis midea midea are "typical" specimens not "types." Some pictures have been replaced with better ones -- the Speyeria aphrodite cullasaja may now be supper zoomed. A couple of the skipper pictures need to be reshot as they are under pixeled for on line presentation. We will need to substitute paratypes for holotypes in a couple of them because the types are now at the Carnegie Museum. One of the more interesting new taxon on the site is Euphyes bayensis. I don't know of any illustrations in the popular literature or on the web for this? Only about half of the taxa sent to the site manager have been put up. The Photo Library itself will undergo a major format change before the new year with drop down windows etc. 
    The next TILS News Letter and the next issue of The Taxonomic Report should be out to subscribers close to Dec. 1st. The TTR issue is on Celastrina relations. We hope to have two more Celastrina papers out by the end of the year. There are two moth papers and another new hairstreak from Argentina paper we are hoping to still get out this year. We have plenty of room for new articles in 2001. Submitted papers are accepted or rejected within two months. After acceptance, they are published with four months. We do not hold research papers up two to five years. 
    A major new project will be announced in the TILS News by co-founder Harry Pavulaan. 
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