[LEPS-L:7914] Killer Yellowjackets?

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at eohsi.rutgers.edu
Sat Nov 18 21:04:18 EST 2000

I was intrigued with Ron's report that Yellowjackets have an attack 
distance of 10-15' from the nest.  That is greater than our experience 
in southern New York or New Jersey where the attack distance is more 
like 2-3 feet.  My Yellowjacket stings have usually come when I 
inadvertently (surprise) stepped near or on an unseen nest. Then 3-5 
stings would be the norm. 

Here Yellowjacket nests are almost always under ground, although 
occasionally in a log pile.  We had a nest in the broken headlight 
molding of a car that was resting for severa months in our driveway. 

I understand that in other parts of the range they regularly nest above 



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