[LEPS-L:7921] FW: Killer yellowjackets?

Mark Walker MWalker at gensym.com
Sun Nov 19 15:00:00 EST 2000

> The yellowjacket nest next to a root in the huge walnut tree 
> in our yard in Vermont always made mowing the lawn an 
> interesting chore.  The main hole in the nest was large - 
> about 5 cm wide, and the wasps were in and out of the nest 
> all day.  We found the wasps NEVER prone to attack - even 
> when we peered down into the hole from distances as small as 
> 1 foot.  Having been stung by yellowjackets before (usually 
> from hicthikers inside pop-cans), I was cautious - but they 
> remained "friendly".
> On the other hand, we had a very large hornets nest hanging 
> from one of our maple trees.  When we climbed up the tree to 
> "rescue" our cat (who had climbed his first tree), the 
> hornets decided they didn't like sharing.  Fortunately, a 
> single sting to the face was all I sustained.  The cat came 
> down without a scratch.
> Mark Walker.
> Oceanside, CA
> > 


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