[LEPS-L:7940] Re: Is this a Catocala?

Kelly Richers kerichers at wasco.k12.ca.us
Mon Nov 20 11:46:59 EST 2000

Your scan is of a European import, Noctua pronuba.  They are reaching pest proportions in the northeast.  They were introduced in to Halifax, Nova Scotia in1979 and have spread since across the northeast. They are not catocala moths but should be placed between the Chersotis and the Cryptocala moths.  If you have a Hodges checklist (you should get one for moth placement in your collection if you do not, it is number 11003.1 or somewhere around there.

>>> GHG3 <ghg3 at aol.com> 11/19/00 03:59PM >>>
I'm very new to this wonderful hobby.  This was my first season collecting. 
I'm sure all of you can help me with identifying these, despite the pitiful

These were abundant this season in my northern Rhode Island backyard.  I expect
them to be of the genus Catocala, but Covell doesn't show them.  The FW's vary
from a dark brown to a tan.  HW is yellow orange, with only one black band. 
Reniform spot is sometimes distinct, and sometimes blurred.

If you have a monment, please take a look.  Sorry the scan is not clear enough,
nor close enough:



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