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Anne Kilmer viceroy at gate.net
Wed Nov 29 08:04:41 EST 2000

Leptraps at aol.com wrote:
> Anne Kilmer wrote:
> The butterfly ballot is also an endangered species, and does anybody
> care? Not only a subspecies, but a pest.
> Ron proposes:
> We have a unique opportunity here for all American watchers, collectors,
> dealers,
> poachers, etc. to unite. I propose that Butterfliiee ballottae americannum be
> targeted for extinction (including form flora-dah).
> Leroy thinks:
> NABA will absolutely oppose this. However, if the Democrats are pure
> environmentalist, they must oppose the extinction of this butterfly as well!
>  -------------------------------------------------
You don't think maybe it's an invasive exotic? Certainly showed up late
in the game. 
Whether you're gored or bushed, bored or gushed, I think extinguishing
it is going to happen. 
I believe there will be  a lot of used votomatics for sale, and I think
they should do it now while the market is right. Unless of course we
re-vote. In which case we should for goodness sakes use the same ballot,
because anyone who has been paying attention knows how to do it now. 
That, of course, would buy B. ballottae some time. 
I believe that form was first called flori-duh, which would therefore be
the preferred spelling. 
Anne Kilmer
Chairman, Harry Potter for President Committee
In your heart, you know he's left. 
South Florida 


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