NPWRC Lep site?

John Acorn janature at
Thu Oct 5 22:21:41 EDT 2000


I had the same problem, and it now works for me too.  Presumably someone on
the other end shut things down temporarily-- perhaps only for an hour or

John Acorn
>From: Paul Cherubini <cherubini at>
>To: leps-l at
>Subject: Re: NPWRC Lep site?
>Date: Thu, Oct 5, 2000, 8:03 PM

>> Mark Walker wrote:
>> > What's going on with the USGS butterfly site?
>> >
>This link works for me too and I'm using ancient Netscape 2.02
>on an equally ancient 7 year old Macintosh.
>Paul Cherubini

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