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I agree, "transparent" does the trick.  However, it is possible that the
term "pharate" is the one they are looking for-- according to Torre-Bueno: 
"cloaked; withing the cuticle of a preceeding stage."  

John Acorn
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>    I'm pretty familiar with technical lepidopterian terms. I don't know of
>a specific term either. I suspect that this is actually a simple question
>looking for a simple answer -- especially sine the question was posed to a
>child. In which case the answer would just be. "Transparent." If there is an
>involved technical term I'd like to know it too.
>Ron Gatrelle
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>> I received the following question from a parent whose child was given the
>> challenge of finding this term:
>> << What is it called when you can see the butterfly wings through the
>> chrysalis? >>
>> I'm not familiar with this term and so far I haven't been able to find it
>> any of my books. So, of course, now I'm curious too.
>> Can anyone enlighten me? I'd surely appreciate it!
>> Thank you --
>> Suzy Gazlay
>> smgazlay at aimsedu.org

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