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As I stated yesterday the Monarch Migration is a
biological phenomena that is as important as saving
the species.  I feel that my judgement of Mr.
anti-conservation bias has been certainly
substantiated by Neil Jones and my good friend, the
esteemed Lincoln Brower.

The protection of a species leads more importantly to
the saving of an ecosystem.  Apparently this is where
the "rub" is for the people who are anti-conservation.
In this case we have a person who interprets data to
suit his agenda.  Some of us get so wrapped in
acadamia that we don't see the forest for the trees
(whew!).  While on that note, Dr. Brower tells me that
forest thinning is one of the primary threats to the
Monarch roosrs in Mexico.  Without the density of the
trees he finds that temperasture dips to low for the
well being of the beasts.

Bob Parcelles, Jr.
RJP Associates  
--- Neil Jones <Neil at NWJONES.DEMON.CO.UK> wrote:
> In article
> <002f01c03409$a2010620$9b0f1218 at>
>            rgatrelle at "Ron Gatrelle" writes:
> Once again I find myself in the position of having
> to restore the balance
> to the argument. Facts are in my posession that are
> unknown to people without
> which they may form false conclusions. Here
> statments have been made about
> this one of this lists more eccentric characters.
> They have been made by 
> someone new to the discussion and they are
> demonstrably untrue. 
> Of course the net is full of people of very
> different characters and
>  when I do this there are often people who will
> flame me because
> of their own odd beliefs. However the challenge is
> to show that what I am
> saying is incorrect. I have made similar points
> before and I have yet to
> see a successful refutation.
> >     Which brings me to the next point. When I read
> Paul's reply to Dr.
> > Brown, I thought, "This is nuts. It sounds like
> Paul doesn't give a rip
> > about habitat loss -- in fact he almost seems to
> be saying we're better off
> > without the stupid beach. This is like saying it
> would be a good thing if we
> > humans learned to digest plastic apples." Then I
> got hold of my emotions and
> > thought. No Paul is not saying that at all. He is
> being the voice of reason,
> > or more accurately balance. HE IS JUST TRYING TO
> >     Paul, I for one know you hate to see the beach
> destroyed as much or more
> > than the rest of us.
> Actually the facts speak differently. I have noticed
> that many people take 
> others at face value on the internet and seem to be
> unable to form adequate
> judgements as to the state of mind of the poster.
> I have actually met and spoken with a number of
> people about Mr Cherubini's
> attitude. It would appear that he is seen by many in
> California as an
> eccentric individual with two obsessions.
>  One a grandiose belief in the use of pesticides as
> a panacea 
> for all of mankind's ills. The other an obsession
> with academics.
> It would appear, and his postings on the internet
> strongly support this,
> that he bears a great deal of malice against those
> whose intellectual powers
> have enabled them to obtain greater academic success
> and to obtain Phds.
> Particular venom is reserved for those whose
> intellectual brilliance
> has led to them becoming professors. 
> Many of these professors are active in conservation.
> Being nature lovers
> has guided and shaped their intellect in this way
> and may well be responsible
> for their success.
> He is NOT acting as a devil's advocate in order to
> make people think.
> I am told that the same incorrect arguments are used
> by him IN REAL LIFE.
> Just to take one example, he was putting the same
> nonsensical arguments
> forward IN PUBLIC in order to try to discredit
> respected scientists
> when the conservation of the Monarch was being
> discussed at Pacific Grove
> some years ago. The sensible arguments put forward
> by experienced people
> were it seems being attacked by whatever argument he
> could find that MIGHT
> sound plausible.
> He is vehemently and constantly ANTI-CONSERVATION. A

Bob Parcelles, Jr.
Pinellas Park, FL
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