To those in the ring (backlog message)

Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at
Fri Oct 13 13:34:53 EDT 2000

Truth and belief are worth fighting over, for all of us are nothing more
than the product of what we believe. Thus, we all act and react out of our
perceptions and beliefs. We punch and counter punch to protect not just what
we are but who we are. Sometimes, we find we have been wrong. This is
troublesome because within the realization that we were wrong is a mirror. A
mirror in which we see that we are not exactly who we thought we were. And
not only that, we discover (often only after the loss of friends, divorce,
etc.) that others (persons or positions) were not what we thought they were
either. We see a spiritual gravitational law here. The degree of hurt we
feel from our fall is directly proportionate to the height of our own self
elevation. Those who think they have all the answers will soon find they
have no friends.
    As we grow older and experience the wars of dogma and personality, a
product should be produced. That product is called wisdom. It is loosing,
not winning, that produces conversion (of self) and forgiveness (of others).
What goes around does indeed come around. As we judge IS how we are judged.
What we despise in others IS often the mirror of our own devil. What we sew
IS what we reap. However, we only reap after we sew, and in harvest, we
always reap more that we sew. One might then say, don't dish it out if
you're not also prepared to take it. Or, if it gets to hot then get out of
the kitchen.
    My friends, in the boxing ring of life, might still does not make right.
Ph.Ds are a form of might. When worn by a wise man the Ph.D. is a great
tool. When worn by a fool the Ph.D. produces tyranny -- intellectual
fascism. What did I just say? I said the person makes the Ph.D., the Ph.D.
does not make the person. Reputation is what others think of us. Character
is what we really are. Mothers give us character. Education gives us
    We who are in the ring are focused, as we should be, on the opponent --
be it a person or a position. Our task is not just to win, but hopefully to
knock the opponent out. There are rules however, no hitting below the belt
and don't bit off any ears. There are also consequences. As long as we all
know the rules and the consequences, let us proceed to the fray. I don't
mind the blood be it mine or my opponents -- as long as I know we are each
fighting for the truth and not our own egos.
Ron Gatrelle

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