With Linda on her book

Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at tils-ttr.org
Sat Oct 14 14:39:29 EDT 2000

Linda wrote:
    I know that it is inappropriate to use such lists for advertising, but
    since Mr. Jones has attacked the quality of our publication and
    to shred my character, I think it's only fair that I be allowed to offer
    the below description of the butterfly breeding manual I co-authored
    Nigel Venters.  My replies to Mr. Jones' comments are indented.   If you
    are not interested, please simply delete this message.

    Thank you,
    Linda Rogers

>From Ron:
    Linda, I am a writer and speaker, that is one of the things I get paid
to do. Over the last 35 years I have written hundreds of articles (including
a weekly column in a local newspaper), several religious booklets, scores of
religious articles (my religious mailing list is 12,000+), and several major
scientific papers (inc. The Journal of the Lepidopterists Society). I am a
reference in several butterfly books, inc. Butterflies of New Jersey, and
Opler and Krizek. Thus, I consider myself to know a little bit about the
publishing industry. (I have never met an editor I liked.)
    1) Having now heard your description of your book, its purpose and
function, you have chosen the correct format. You have given the VERY
CORRECT reason for not issuing refunds. (The non writers, singers, artists
have no idea about the billions that are stolen from US every year. The
little (c) only means cheat to some people.) Further, there is no law or
ethic that requires you to automatically offer a refund with you product.
    2) You can price your materials at any amount THE MARKET WILL BARE. If
someone doesn't want it or will not pay your price that's their
prerogative -- its certainly not your "fault." One of the oldest (British)
business principles is BUYER BEWARE.
    3) Be thankful for the great advertising your detractors are giving you.
I too am  thankful, for without "your" controversy I would not have this
opportunity to do what I am doing here -- express my values and opinions.
    4) I encourage you to not let yourself be too affected by what people
think of you -- especially strangers. I may find that I disagree with you on
tons of philosophical issues, methodologies, beliefs, etc. But I assure you
that that will have no effect on me as to what I think of you as a human
being. I still prefer to think, that as a person, you are sweet. I said once
before here, that I have found that most people can dish it out but few can
take it. I have also said that to many their answer is to simply tell
someone to hit the road (i.e. You don't belong here.) Thus, until you are
indicted by a court, tried, and convicted as a criminal, I will consider you
an honest person. Perhaps you are just to shrewd a business person for some
people. After all, a sucker really is born every day.
    I hope the rest of you realize that while this is put forth as a
"private" conversation, I am in effect giving a lecture to all  who CHOOSE
to read this.

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