Subspecies and protection

Bruce Walsh jbwalsh at
Sat Oct 14 15:50:39 EDT 2000

Ron and company:

Re:  "  I think we could get more protection for N.A. plexippus WHERE
the subspecies were published and recognized. I think A. Brower should do
this. I think we at TTR would agree to publish such a paper."

I get VERY nervous when subspecies are proposed apparently solely for the
reason for protecting a species.  As a population geneticist, I really
like to see some solid genetic evidence when large and consistent phenotypic
differences are lacking.

Also, this is certainly a case where two (or more) independent, outside
reviewers are required given the risk that politics and science can be
confounded.  One reviewer should NOT have any association with the Monarch
"inner circle".  

Please note:  this is NOT a solicitation to do such a review if such a
paper were to be submitted -- I'm on sabbatical and too busy being the
associate editor for two other journals (Genetics, Genetical  Research) as

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