Crap or Gold

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Mon Oct 16 23:49:12 EDT 2000

Wow, seems the list hasn´t changed that much while I had the good fortune to 
be away from e-mail.  It feels like I never stopped reading...

It is really hard to understand this from the beach here in Acapulco, where I 
am stuck for a week.  I am managing with NO camera, NO binoculars, NO 
eyeglasses, No net, No nothing except a tanga and sandals.  I did have to go 
to the nearby hills of the state (1,000 meters elevation), but without my 
glasses I could only recognize the largest and slowest...Most notable were 
the plethora of Garamus Swallowtails floating like angelic halos above - a 
sight alone worth the trip and larger than any Giant Swallowtail in North 

One doubt I had if anyone can suggest the species of butterfly I saw, it had 
the wing area of a Morpho peleides.  From a distance it was a strong flyer.  
They were common flying accros the road in open spaces....

any suggestions...??

Doug Dawn
Taxco, Mexico

j:   RE: Crap or Gold 
Date:   Thu, 12 Oct 2000 10:11:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time 
From:   Mark Walker <MWalker at> 
leps-l at 
Neil wrote:

> Once again I find myself in the position of having to restore 
> the balance
> to the argument.

???  This is an incredibly arrogant statement, Neil.  We really have to meet
someday - I'm having trouble getting a mental picture of how this all gets
put into a single container.  You slay me, you really do.

Mark Walker
Oceanside, CA


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