Can't ID this caterpillar

Pierre A Plauzoles plauzolesp at
Tue Oct 24 11:18:37 EDT 2000

Westre wrote:

>         I've notice the droppings from this caterpillar for a couple of
> years now but have never been able to find one.  This year they are very
> abundant and I've found them on my walkway.  I live on the Eastern Shore of
> MD.  They are on oak and beech trees here but someone else said he has them
> on apple trees and I've seen them where there were none of these particular
> trees nearby.  It's about 1" long and has fine black and white stripes
> running the length of its body.  The underside is kind of orange.  The head
> and rear are black with white spots.  It's not fuzzy at all.  They appear in
> the late summer and I had three on my walkway yesterday.  I have several
> people trying to ID it but none have been successful.  I have a picture I
> could forward to anyone who would like a look at it.  I don't seem to be
> able to attach a picture.

If you have Netscape, the word "Attach" is up on the menu bar above the email
address area on the screen. Click on it, go to "File" and choose the filename
and you are done.  Other programs are similar.


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