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Ron Gatrelle rgatrelle at
Fri Oct 27 02:21:34 EDT 2000

Norbert K. wrote.
Further to my brief posting on the two non-scientific names for E. gillettii
that show up in the literature; a kind person has pointed out that these are
actually English names rather than common names. I agree and stand

Ron G's question.
    OK, I must be missing something here. How can adding an *e* to Gillett
be somehow correct? The given name is Gillett. The Latinized name is
gillettii (or gilletti). The name, in any language, is Gillett's -- mariposa
Gillett's. We wouldn't change juani to Johnny's butterfly because it is
Juan's butterfly. Polygonia faunus smithi is not referred to as Schmidt's
butterfly in Germany. Are Coca Cola the only words that are the same in any
language? What have I missed here -- except for yet another reason to stick
with scientific names. This is in response to the following.


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