Gillett's Checkerspot

Kenelm Philip fnkwp at
Fri Oct 27 03:28:32 EDT 2000

> How can adding an *e* to Gillett be somehow correct?

Neither Kondla nor I was proposing any such thing, nor said anything that
would lead someone who read the postings to think we were. As far as it
appears from available data, the correct English name is Gillett's
Checkerspot--unless someone can show that Barnes actually named the
species after someone named Gillette, which seems improbable because
the final 'e' would have then appeared within the scientific name.

	My own ruminations on the ICZN are not relevant to the English

	It is true that NABA prefers not to use patronymic English names,
and also (from a phone conversation with Glassberg) prefers that English
names not be tightly linked to scientific names (allowing them, in theory,
to be 'more stable' than scientific names). But I doubt NABA would use
that reasoning to justify _misspelling_ the English name...  :-)

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