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Thx to Chris Schmidt for sharing this abstract from the Ent News article:
"Our survey of insects electrocuted during routine use of electric insect
traps revealed only 31 biting flies, a minute proportion (0.22%) of the
13,789 total insects counted. In contrast, species from 12 orders and more
than 104 nontarget insect families, including 1,868 predators and parasites
(13.5%) and 6,670 nonbiting aquatic insects (48.4%) were destroyed. The
heavy toll on nontarget insects and the near absence of biting flies in
catches suggests that electric insect traps are worthless for biting fly
reduction -and probably are counterproductive - to homeowners and other
Anybody out there who really cares about insect conservation and with the
intestinal fortitude to take on the zapper industry ? :-) Is there a
government agency out there that wants to deal with a real conservation
issue ? :-) Is there a conservation organization out there that wants to
lobby on the basis of hard data rather than fanciful imaginings ? :-)

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