Noctua pronuba

Chris Raper cmt.raper at
Wed Sep 6 04:28:12 EDT 2000

On 5 Sep 2000 23:56:54 GMT, "Jim Steffens" <jjsteff at>

>After observing Noctua pronuba for the first time ever in northern Delaware
>(New Castle County) on 6/1/00 and 6/5/00, I found adults flying in my yard
>again today.  This suggests two generations of N. pronuba per year in this
>region.  Do others observe two generations of this alien sp. as well?

Hi Jim

That's interesting because over here in the UK I think it has just one
brood - peaking in July/August. I quote from 'Recorder', the NBN
species recording database:

"The Large Yellow Underwing occurs commonly
throughout the British Isles, though mostly in
lowland habitats. The single generation flies
from July to September and large numbers of
immigrants sometimes swarm on the south coast.
They roost by day on or close to the ground and
when disturbed scuttle wildly on the ground.
displaying the brightly-coloured hindwings. The
caterpillars feed on a wide range of wild and
cultivated herbs throughout the winter, spending
a lot of time below ground, where they pupate in
late spring."

Best wishes,
Chris R.

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