Lep larvae in need of IDs

Zachary Lemann elemann at home.com
Fri Sep 8 23:01:47 EDT 2000

I've recently returned from SE Arizona where a friend took some nice
photographs of caterpillars from the following areas: Sonoita Creek, Florida
Canyon, Sycamore Canyon, and perhaps another nearby locale I've forgotten at
the moment.  If anyone out there can ID SE AZ caterpillars (was that enough
abbreviation for you?), please let me know by leaving your e-mail or mailing
address and I will attach scanned pics to e-mail or send copies, with the
photographer's permission, via snail mail.  There are both butterfly and
moth larvae, several of which we know to the family level, but we have
mostly moth caterpillars and would love genus and species names if possible.
Thanks in advance for your help!

- Zack

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