mist-netting for monarchs?

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Hey all,  Please see comments re: migrating P. sennae.   The someone 
in Florida is Dr. Tom Walker.  He was one of my profs while I was in 
Gainesville.   He had (still has?) giant flight traps on his property 
and has looked at migrating habits of a handful of species.

Take care,  Rich

      Cris wrote:
>There was a series of articles by someone in Florida who used giant "malaise
>traps" to capture migrating butterflies such as Monarchs. I cannot remember
>where the articles were published, but most likely Journal of the
>Lepidopterists' Society, 1970s or 1980s. The traps only captured migrating
>butterflies, because they were focussed on directional flight regardless of
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>  > We do a lot of mist netting for bats as a part of our research. The
>  > mist-nets are basically a very large hair-net about the size of a
>  > net (7'X 30'). When mist%20netting, one of the problems that occur is that
>  > we seem to catch plenty of moths. Now since the monarch migration is on
>  > way I was wondering if anyone ever heard of mist%20netting for monarch? We
>  > plan to tag as many monarchs that we can get our hands on. Is
>  > recommended or discouraged?
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