Mexican deforestation - Monarch butterfly

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Well I sorta agree with the disagreement.  I too disagree with destroying
large natural habitats for the short term benefit of powerful special
interests and that is not what I was agreeing with. I was agreeing with the
observation that it would be nice to not have the personal attacks on this
discussion group.  Concerning the views shared in the second paragraph; lets
turn this around and suggest that maybe some people are tired of the
environmental propaganda and manipulation of facts that appear in postings
from some other participants and further; some participants would find the
list a nicer place if certain individuals would take their left wing agenda
and activism some place else.  But neither of these events is likely to
occur; emotionalists will continue to be upset by rationalists and various
points of view will continue to irritate those who are irritated by
differing views; and I still want to see the butterfly report that prompted
this thread so we can talk about the butterfly info, what it means and share
ideas about what can be done about the threats to the butterflies etc.. Best
wishes for an enjoyable weekend by all -- more fun and drama next week :-)
--yours in eco-philosophy, 'Aldo' Kondla :-)
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I guess I disagree. To some people it may seem rational to damage and 
destroy large natural habitats and ecosystems especially for the short-term 
benefit of powerful special interests. I am not one of them.

I am tired of Paul's constant anti-environmental propaganda and manipulation

of facts. This mailing list would be a much nicer place if he would take his

right-wing agenda and activism elsewhere.

Roger Kuhlman
>I agree. It would be really nice if some kind soul would make the monarch
>report available on the web.  It sounds like it would be extremely
>interesting to read and it does deal with an important topic - regardless 
>how we each chose to interpret it.
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>Let's not jump on Paul again - and again - and again. I don't know the
>gentleman, but his missives seem rational and, indeed, a good deal calmer
>than those attacking him personally. I would add there is nothing wrong 
>being a pesticide salesman.
>Can't we just cool it and talk about the bugs?
>Jim Taylor
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> >            TiserG at "Tiser, Gene M" writes:
> >
> > > I have read Mr. Paul Cherubini's commentaries with interest.  I was
> > > wondering if he would care to give us his background so as to allow us
> > > opportunity to understand who he is, where his expertise lies, and 
> > > company, agency or university he represents?
> >
> > Mr Cherubini is well known on the internet as a pesticide salesman and
> > political activist who continually  and persistantly promotes the use of
> > pesticides and attacks conservationists.
> >
> > Everyone is biased myself included. However an examination of the 
> > will show that Mr Cherubini cares more for the political effectiveness
> > of his remarks rather than for their honesty.
> > Indeed, one gets the distinct impression that he would swear that the 
> > was Jewish if he thought it would advance his political aims.
> >
> > It is not my intention to promote disharmony. I am fully aware that
> > ad-hominem debating is not a good technique. However, I believe it is
> > my duty as a citizen to speak out when there is a risk of my fellows
> > being deceived, conned or mislead. In this case the culprit has been
> > challenged and has given an evasive answer so I have responded.
> >
> > --
> > Neil Jones- Neil at
> > "At some point I had to stand up and be counted. Who speaks for the
> > butterflies?" Andrew Lees - The quotation on his memorial at Crymlyn Bog
> > National Nature Reserve
> >

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