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I missed the original post but PLEASE . . . . Gimme a Break!

Take a closer look at his "Sponsors" and his Venues.

Just another Whacko Creationist out to (hopefully) make a name & a buck
for himself in his sunset years. One of those "warm, fuzzy, feel-good
types who has never got dirt on his boots or under his fingernails.

I can't remember the quote exactly, but in Palladin there is a line that
goes something like: "save me from all those with good intentions".

Sorry if I seem a bit brusque, but as an Australian, I can't stand this
sort of bullshit.

Chris Hocking

>Press Release
>September 15, 2000
>The Original Navigational Micro-Computer
>THE MONARCH BUTTERFLY: A lecture (with slides) by Jules H. Poirier
>Jules H. Poirier, a retired design electronics engineer from San Diego,
>will be speaking in six British Columbia cities on the design features
>of the monarch butterfly from Sept. 23 - 30. The lecture series is
>sponsored by the Creation Science Association of British Columbia
>Jules H. Poirier:
>* senior design specialist electronics engineer
>* studied electrical engineering, physics and mathematics at the
>University of California (Berkeley)
>* has worked for the U.S. Navy, Ryan Aeronautics and the Electronics
>Division of Convair
>* designer of radar FM altimeter on Apollo Lunar Landing Module
>With experience in designing guidance systems, Mr. Poirier began
>studying the guidance system of the monarch butterfly. His conclusion
>that the prior claim of a Creator dwarfs the efforts of man, and that
>this design could not have evolved.
>Poirier is the author of two books on the monarch butterfly life cycle:
>_The Life and Adventures of Monica Monarch_ (for children), and _From
>Darkness into Light to Flight: Monarch — the Miracle Butterfly_.
>Lecture schedule:
>Saturday, Sept. 23
>First Baptist Church, 1650 Waddington Rd., Nanaimo B.C., 7:00 p.m.
>Sunday, Sept. 24
>Ridgeview Evangelical Missionary Church, 1097 Hollywood Road, Kelowna
>B.C., 7:00 p.m.
>Monday, Sept. 25
>a) Kings Christian School, 350 -  30th St. SE, Salmon Arm B.C., time:
>b) Broadview Evangelical Free Church, 350 -  30th St. SE, Salmon Arm,
>B.C., 7:00 p.m.
>Wednesday, Sept. 27
>a) "Talkback" with Bruce Strachan [9:00 a.m.- 10:00 a.m.] CJCI
>Prince George, B.C.
>b) Cedars Christian School, 701 North Nechako Road, Prince George, B.C.
>12 noon
>c) University of Northern British Columbia [Room 7-212], 3333
>Way, Prince George B.C., 7:00 p.m.
>Friday, Sept. 29
>Surrey Alliance Church, 13474 - 96th Ave., Surrey B.C., 7:30 p.m.
>Saturday, Sept. 30
>Oakridge Baptist Church, 6261 Cambie St., Vancouver B.C., 7:30 p.m.
>For more information or to schedule interviews, call (604) 535-0019
>[Vancouver] Email <creation at planeteer.com

>For further reference:
>Jules H. Poirier [Bio]
>Female Monarch Butterfly's Needles Designed For Its Survival
>by Jules H. Poirier
>Design Features of the Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle
>by Jules H. Poirier
>The magnificent migrating monarch
>by Jules H. Poirier
>http://www.exn.ca/Stories/2000/09/12/53.cfm  [September 12, 2000]
>Future looks dim for monarch butterflies
>Meanwhile, a new report says monarch butterflies may face a difficult
>future. At this time of year, monarch butterflies across the country
>start heading south. Eventually, hundreds of millions of monarchs will
>make it to a section of forest in Mexico. They spend the winter there
>and then migrate north in the spring. But researchers say what was once
>a vast, pristine forest is now a series of tiny segments, separated by
>farmland. The first-ever aerial survey of the area
>shows there's only about half as much forest as there was 30 years ago
>and the researchers estimate the entire forest will be gone within the
>next half century.
>Researchers Find Key to Monarch Butterfly Migration [May 2, 1997]
>Journey North
>Monarch Migration Update

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