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> When I first got a computer 3 years back,I did not know what* to flame*
> ment,till I saw a post by Neil Jones,and so1,095 days later and even more post
> from him is another post from Neil  Jones  did I get the flame word right or
> don't I understand
>        This guy must all be about self combustion

Non. Vous n'avez pas raison. Ecoutez tres attentivement, je dirai cela 
qu'une fois. Je regrette que je ne peut pas repondre en Francais, mais 
mon ordinateur n'a pas la facilite de produire les accents.

No. You are incorrect. Listen very carefully I shall say this only once.
I am sorry that I cannot reply in French but my computer doesn't have
the facility to produce accents.

Monsieur Boutin has a difficulty with English with which I sympathise.
(Where I come from English is not the native language.) I believe that this
has led him to the wrong conclusion. He has spoken about this before
so I know exactly of whom he speaks.

A few years ago there was a guy on the list who had a criminal conviction
for violating wildlife protection laws. He was in the words of one
of the most ardent and dedicated collectors I have encountered " A young man
with a problem." This was evident from his religious mania, delusions
of grandeur and strong paranoia. He believed his rantings on the internet
were" historic" and that he was the victim of persecution which senior
figures in the US goverment should sort out.

He raved against many people on the list. One was a parasite on society
because of the form of his email address! Others were genocidal racists!
When I and a leading figure in British entomology quoted some solid research
which contradicted one of his absurd pet theories, we were accused of
practicing witchcraft! Clearly not the most sane of people. My conclusions
are supported by several leading figures in North American entomology
who have met this young man in person.

He got particularly angry with me because I had got hold of a full list
of his crimes. He was nasty to me and I did respond very forcefully as
did others. The original founder of the list actually told him
to take his paranoid delusions elsewhere.

It appears that Monsieur Boutin, quite understandably, didn't fully
understand the problem. I can see with hindsight that perhaps I should
have responded to the poor wretched young man with some sympathy.
I have seen very similar symptoms develop in an other person who was 
later diagnosed with Schizophrenia. However, I have, and always will,
warn people, who may be unware, of dishonest or criminal behaviour
on this forum. It is my duty as a citizen to do so.

Neil Jones- Neil at
"At some point I had to stand up and be counted. Who speaks for the
butterflies?" Andrew Lees - The quotation on his memorial at Crymlyn Bog
National Nature Reserve

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