Hummingbird Moth

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Thu Sep 21 14:52:05 EDT 2000

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> > Are these moths rare in England (Suffolk) or have I just not had the
> right
> > combination of plants or was it good timing to see one at 6 o'clock
> this
> > evening feeding on the buddleia in my garden?
> > Thanks for any answers
> >
"Ian Thirlwell" <iant at> wrote in message
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> Not rare particularly, but being a migrant moth in the UK turns up when
"Paul , E.L.G." <pwbelg at> wrote in message
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> Ann,
> There have been a reasonable number of sightings this year  of this
> migratory species. The earlier moths have bred here and now produced many
> offspring, as their main foodplant here (Ladies Bedstraw - Galium verum)
> fairly common.  We tend to continue to get reports of this species right
> to the end of November.

Thanks to everyone who replied about this moth. (here & by email)
I had never seen one before and if I hadn't of heard someone talking about
them a few days ago I would not have known where to start looking for a
picture to confirm my 'sighting'.
thanks again


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