Ernest Mengersen emengersen at
Sun Sep 24 22:59:57 EDT 2000

The wonders of the internet.  I guess I was lucky because I had no problem opening the above attachment - a beautiful picture of eclosion - perfect.  But there have been 3 websites listed today on list servers and I have not been able to log into any of them.  This is not new either.  I just spent 15 minutes trying to get into Adalbert Goertz's cyberspace site and no luck.  It is a topic I love - the intricacies of pollination.  I agree with  the comment that it is a conspiracy headed by Mr. Gates to rob us of our patience.  ; )

B is for Butterfly

Though the butterfly hasn't a notion
Of how to accomplish eclosion
   It always takes place
   With exquisite grace
Gymnastics, and later, slow motion.  

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