"Ontario Insects" (Volume 6, #1) released

Donald Davis donald.davis at utoronto.ca
Wed Sep 27 01:51:38 EDT 2000

For those interested in Ontario Insects, with a major focus on
lepidoptera, check out the most recent issue of "Ontario Insects" - The
newsjournal of the Toronto Entomologists' Association.

Included in this most recent issue:

- Books of interest
- results of various butterfly counts, including the 6th annual Toronto
count and the 2000 Pelee Island count and the Algonquin Provincial Park
- announcement concerning the recipient of the Joh D. Eberlie Research
Travel Award
- Photos from the year 2000 field trips
- noteworthy insect sightings
- upcoming meetings
- information about a new TEA publication entitled "Ontario Odonata"
(Volume 1)

The newsjournal is mailed out with TEA membership ($20. adults, $10.
students). Contact Alan Hanks, Treasurer, 34 Seaton Dr., Aurora,
Ontario, L4G 2K1, (905) 727-6993

Don Davis
Toronto, ON

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