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Tue Dec 4 11:47:21 EST 2001

"MacMan" (MACulinea Butterflies of the Habitats Directive and 
European Red List as Indicators and Tools for Habitat Conservation 
and MANagement) is a European Research Network that has recently been 
funded by the European Union.

The network now has its first vacancies, for a scientific coordinator 
and a PhD student at the UFZ, Leipzig-Halle in Germany. Closing date 
for applications is  7 December, so apologies for the short notice.

Further information about "MacMan" and these vacancies are available 
from the MacMan web site:

There will be several further vacancies and PhD and postdoctoral 
level advertised on this site in the coming months, and I shall also 
try to post fuher information about them to the Lepidoptera List.

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