Big bang (was government thread)

Mark Walker MWalker at
Wed Dec 12 10:08:21 EST 2001

John wrote:

> This also seems problematic in some ways. If Divine creation 
> is just a 
> matter of ordinary every day empirical "evidence" it would 
> seem to degrade 
> religion as just another theory subject to the wimseys of 
> philosophical 
> machinations over evidence (for in science at least all "evidence" is 
> evidence only by virtue of being given that status within a 
> particular 
> philosophical framework). From what little I understand of 
> religion (an I 
> may well be corrected by specialists on this list) subjecting 
> religious 
> fidelity to "evidence" rather than faith is a bit of a heresy 
> among many 
> religions.

I would agree that the foundation of Christian faith is trust in the Creator
- and that it is neither dependant on nor limited by the presence of
evidence.  On the other hand, scripture clearly states that part of the
design of the Universe included the signature evidence of the designer.  It
is at least partially because of this, according to scripture, that no man
can rightfully claim ignorance - and therefore avoid accountability.

Mark Walker.
Oceanside, CA

ps - I don't have the scripture references handy, but can provide them on


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