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Wed Dec 12 10:36:35 EST 2001

Stan Gorodenski wrote:
> Finally, with respect to butterfly releases in general, I think the
> practice is a hold over from man-woman-kind's primitive ancestry.  It
> seems to me that the one trait butterfly releasing (for weddings,
> birthdays, and other such events) has in common with satanism is that
> both use other life forms for ritualistic purposes and societal (group)
> events.  For this reason, I am totally against these kinds of releases,
> and do not support businesses that promote this activity.
> Stan

Dear Dr.Gorodenski 
It seems that your feelings about releasing and a brother/sisterhood
satanism covers many religions. I am often asked to do sunday school 
and church programs near Easter because they feel that a chrysalis or 
cocoon explains many of their beliefs. Of course many do find solace and 
comfort releasing a graveside butterfly at a funeral. These unthinking 
people don't even realize that over the last few thousand years by many 
societies held sacred the relationship between souls and butterflies. 
In some languages the word soul and butterfly is the same.

So your point is well taken how could anyone deal with such a feeble
minded devil worshiping public as we must face. Take for instance
Christmas! I imagine you are also against the satanic inspired wanton 
killing those Christmas Trees. Many families enjoy paying homage to 
that Santa Claus character who is obviously a communist because he 
brazenly wears nothing but a bright red suit. He is an over weight 
slob promoting a diet of junk food (cookies) and thinks nothing of
vertically challenged individuals, who are locked into servitude without 
any benefit compensation or unionization, to do all of his work. For 
some sick and twisted reason he prefers the company of children and he 
is always trying to get them to sit on his lap?????? Plus the SOB is a 
chain smoker obviously promoting lung cancer to our youth. In this day 
and age do we really know what Santa is hitting on in his pipe. How can 
we be sure that this Crackhead isn't just a puppet of BIG TOBACCO only 
trying to destroy out society through our children's lungs. It's not so 
far fetched after all Santa is an anagram for SATAN, ANOTHER RED SUIT 

Ironically I just did an interview with the Christian Science Monitor 
yesterday morning and relayed your post and views to them. Quite 
frankly if I were you I wouldn't go near their office right now. I think 
they took the heat with your comments and disagree with you, oh, just a 
tad. They may just be making up some of their voo doo dolls as we speak!

However, Thank you for opening my eyes to see that all butterfly farmers 
are only misguided mistresses of Lucifer! But if by releasing a 
butterfly it helps a mother to stop crying for a little while and 
consoles her over the lost of her child I say throw another virgin into 
the volcano and lets all dance naked under the pale moon light. 
Civilization as we know will not screech to a halt.
Rick Mikula


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