Government views Monarch Butterfly Releases as a threat toWesternMilkweeds

1_iron 1_iron at
Thu Dec 13 05:58:41 EST 2001

Stan and all:

Paul Cherubini used the term "weedy species" in reference to the Monarch,
which elicited from Stan:

 I also have to wonder about the use of terms like 'weedy species'.
 Normally, a weed is a plant growing where we do not want it to grow.
 Used in reference to the Monarch implies to the general public that it
 is a pest we do not want.  Do we really want to convey this kind of
 message?  Doesn't the use of such terms have a tendency to mislead?

I read the original post - correctly, I think - with the word "weedy"
meaning "hardy." I don't think anyone was mislead.

We need more Anne Kilmer posts and less picky-picky.

Jim Taylor

PS: Someone once said that if you plant, feed, and water it and it dies,
it's a flower. Otherwise, it is a weed.


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