Government views Monarch Butterfly Releases as a threat toWesternMilkweeds

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> > We need more Anne Kilmer posts and less picky-picky.
This thread is becoming quite redundant. I think Paul has used some good logic
but his facts seem to be applied to his argument with a decided spin. I feel
that his use of "weedy" and the apologists for this term are a little in error
to say the least. I see his use of "weedy" to be none other than another
example of his hatred for the Monarch. Now if I am wrong in saying this, let it
be contubited to past excesses on this critter. This species, does not deserve
these negative connotations. It has popularized butterflys more than NABA or
any group thus far. If it helps people see a need to protect butterflys so be
it. We know it is the habitat that is important even more so than the species.
A long record of debating any effort to protect Monarchs or their habitat is
certainly baggage that Paul must carry even if he seems to have mellowed during
this thread. I personally, to a limited degree, have misgivings about mixing
populations with massive releases of genetically dissimilar butterflys. But
maybe the good to be derived from children seeing the life cycle of these
critters compensates for any concerns on our part. The wedding thing...I would
rather throw be it. I am more concerned with the rare species of leps
and would like to see more emphasis on them from a research standpoint. But if
the Monarch can popularize butterflys and their role in their respective
ecoystems why should we complain...unless we have a different agenda. It is has
been an interesting thread and I am glad I didn't tune in late. Of course that
is what they make archives for.

Bob Parcelles, Jr. (Still respectful of Dr. Lincoln Brower)
Pinellas Park, Fl

I now know the level of data being
> used to support these conclusions, and now so does everyone else (who is
> bothering to read these posts).  I do not consider this 'picky'.
> Also, the use of the term 'weedy species' did not seem right, and so I
> questioned that.  'Weedy' has some negative connotations which could
> influence the way non-lepidopterists (e.g., the loggers in Mexico) view
> the Monarch.  
> Over and over I read variations of the phrase, 'Paul is right on this
> one'. Let me state, as I have a year or two ago, that I feel Paul brings
> a lot of useful information to this forum (in fact I am sometimes amazed
> at how much he knows), but we all question if we feel a need to.  
> Stan

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Pinellas Park, FL
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