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Neil Jones neil at
Sun Dec 16 13:59:52 EST 2001

sean wrote:

> Seriously though, it is my understanding that most listservs are
> MODERATED, no?  I don't expect someone to read every word of every post
> but can't the server be set to screen out post with certain "key" phrases?

I think what you mean is that most listservs are limited in that you have to
be subscribed
to post.
This is true for most of them. However, Leps-l is in a very special category
of scientific
lists that is gated to a usenet newsgroup. In this case
As part of this gating process it opens the list to anyone. There are also
who read leps-l on various archives and post in.  It has been like this
since Leps-l
started from Yale in 1995. Sbel started a little earlier and the leps list
was moved  over from
the one started by Hank Brodkin. (Thanks Hank.)

What seems to have happened is some "cyber-onanist" has added the Leps-L
to the list of email addresses he is using to spam people. is a good place to visit to report these people.

>Oh well, such are the dangers that we hard-core lepidopterists must face
>in pursuit of knowledge!!:)

Some of the dangers are hard-core as well :-)
Actually we have been getting this stuff off and on for a while. I remember
one back in
1995 about "naughty boys".

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