USDA Proposed List of Insects Requiring No Permit for Movement w/in

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Mike Quinn wrote:

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> Proposed Rules
>                                                 Federal Register
> ________________________________________________________________________
> Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
> Plant Pest Regulations; Update of Current Provisions
> AGENCY: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, USDA.
> ACTION: Proposed rule.
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> Sec. 330.202 Requirements for the interstate movement of regulated
> organisms.
> You may move an organism regulated under this subpart from one State into or
> through another State if APHIS determines that the interstate movement can
> be accomplished in a manner that will prevent the dissemination of plant
> pests that are new to or not widely distributed in the United States. An
> interstate movement may be accomplished through notification or under permit
> or, under certain limited circumstances, without a permit:
> (a) Through notification. <snip>
> (b) Under permit. <snip>
> (c) No permit necessary. (1) Certain indigenous plant pest species are
> distributed throughout the continental United States and are known to
> commonly accompany plants or plant products moved in interstate commerce.
> Given the wide distribution of these organisms, we have determined that
> their interstate movement within the continental United States is not likely
> to result in additional plant pest risks. Therefore, the following organisms
> may be moved within the continental United States without a permit if they
> are moved from populations located within the continental United States:

You had a nice list there.  Unfortunately, when I tried to get the whole thing
(unabridged) from the URL you gave, it would not behave for me.  First I had to
patch it back together (no problem when one knows that needs to be done), but
even then, the site went to "document done" before two seconds were over, and
the screen was still blank.  I assume this is not right.  Two questions: 1/ Do
you have the unabridged copy in electronic format?  If so, are you in a position
such that you could email it to me? and 2/ Is it of a manageable size?  When you
say "large" I think several Mb, but other people no doubt have different
ideas....  :-)

I am interested in finding out what the conditions are rather than the legalese,
and also what species are in what list, "move by permit", ."move without
permit", don't move at all", and also how much of a temporary situation this
might end up being.

Thank you for whatever you might be able to do.

Pierre A Plauzoles
sphinxangelorum at


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