photos of urban Monarchs overwintering in Calif.

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Most ento folks know that Fiery Skippers and Cabbage Whites are analogous to
Pigeons and English Sparrows. The fact that they are common everywhere only
proves that they are exceedingly adaptable and has little to do with the
effects of turf management practices. Given exposure over enough
generations, House Flies can probably subsist on a diet of pure DDT.
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> Fiery skippers are common on our California golf courses - I see them
> nectaring on the dandelions growing in the turf and outside the edges
> of the turf. Golf courses also have willow trees and thus one see's
> tiger swallowtails and mourning cloaks flitting about. At the edges of
> the turf, mallow, wild radish and mustard are common weeds which
> supports Painted Ladies, West Coast Ladies and Cabbage Whites.
> Paul Cherubini
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