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> I'd receive information about use of Bt kurstaki in natural forest of
> mediterrane lands, and in particolar on Qurcus suber forests. The effects of
> use of Bt on natural alimentar cicles.
> thanks
> giovanni
I don't think there is much published. I went through 125 volumes of
abstracts a while ago looking for stuff on Bt there is very little
on its effects on or behaviour in non-pest species.
The only thing I have ever seen, apart from the recent stuff on Monarchs,
was a short reference to Bacillus as a noticable pathogen in relation to
the highly endangered swallowtail butterfly Papilio homerus from Jamaica.
There is very little research on this pathogen's role in ecology.
What is certain from evolutionary theory is that it that it is highly adapted
to be reliant on a lepidopterous hosts to survive.
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